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Hello! My name is Svetlana O’Farrell and I am TRANSLIT’s Training Development Manager. I’m a professional certified member of ITIA – Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association. I have over thirty years’ experience in translation and interpreting, and I love to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues.

We, interpreters, can never stop learning. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced interpreter, we have something for you. 

We value your time and aim to provide ‘short and sharp’ training that will help you to further develop your interpreting skills. Welcome to our platform and I hope you will enjoy our training !

What would you like to learn about?


Quality Perception in Interpreting

Learn how clients perceive the quality and value of your interpreting services, and how to leverage their perception for a win/win outcome

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Best Practices for Interpreters

Learn to attract and retain more clients and business by using the best practices for interpreters and creating and maintaining a high level of professional credibility

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LIVE Secrets of Multipotentiality for Freelancers

Boost your professional potential and grow your business with the help of the latest "secret weapon" of freelancers - multipotentiality

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LIVE Public Service (Community) Interpreting Training Programme

A comprehensive programme covering the fundamental principles and skills of public service (community) interpreting

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TRANSLIT RSI – Interpreter Training

The purpose of this online training is to familiarize a conference ...

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LIVE Interpreting for victims of sexual violence

Learn to provide high-quality professional service in interpreting for victims of sexual violence, while protecting your own wellbeing.

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Interpreting Insights: from Local to Global

Presentations and slides from TRANSLIT's conference "Interpreting Insights: from Local to Global"

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Interpreting skills for beginners

Interpreting is a highly skilled activity; learning about interpreting skills ...

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Memory Triggers and Note-Taking Techniques for Interpreters

How to use powerful memory triggers and effective note taking techniques

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Introduction to Community Interpreting

Community interpreting is an umbrella term, which covers

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Introduction to Remote Interpreting Skills

Remote interpreting, both simultaneous and consecutive ...

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