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What’s included:

  • 9 lectures
  • 80 min of video content
  • Downloads

Who is this course for? 

This training will benefit any interpreter who would like to branch out into manufacturing audit work, and also those who have already done it before, but would like to gain a deeper understanding of the demands of a manufacturing audit and how to deal with them.

Why do you need to take this course?  

During manufacturing audits, a team of inspectors thoroughly examines a wide range of manufacturing aspects and goes with a fine-tooth comb through a mountain of detailed documentation. Manufacturing audits deal very deeply with complex manufacturing processes and technology, company organisation and structures, risk assessment and prevention, and so on.

Interpreters who participate in audit assignments require a good understanding of various aspects covered during the audit. It is very helpful for them to know what will be expected of them, and how to deal with the challenges of a GMP audit assignment.

What is included in this course?

This course includes 9 video lectures covering the main aspects of manufacturing audits. You will also see additional downloadable materials that will help you in preparation for a typical manufacturing audit assignment. A final quiz will test your knowledge of the items that we cover in the course.

Completion requirements:

Complete all video lessons included in the course and pass the final test with at least 80% correct answer rate.


Upon the successful completion of the course and the test you will receive a completion certificate

Programme outcomes for you: 

Upon completion of the course you will know:

  • What GMP means and what aspects it encompasses
  • What’s to be expected during a typical GMP audit
  • Type of manufacturing facilities that are visited
  • Specifics of various manufacturing facilities: food, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Types of documents you will be dealing with
  • Considerations of confidentiality and safety
  • How to deal with difficulties that will undoubtfully arise during the audit