Public Service (Community) Interpreting Training Programme

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What’s included in the Public Service Interpreting training course:

  • 43 lectures, including demonstrations and exercises
  • 5 hours of video content
  • 5 quizzes
  • 1 final test
  • Independent work tasks

Who is this Programme for? 

You will find this programme useful and beneficial if you are:

  • a complete beginner or a volunteer interpreter wishing to develop your skills, or
  • a translator who would like to branch out into interpreting, or
  • an experienced interpreter seeking to refresh your knowledge and to expand your business.

Why do you need to take this course?  

Interpreting requires a high-level of professionalism and knowledge of specific terminology. As a public service / community interpreter, you will be working with sensitive and confidential communications. This course will prepare you for these challenges and ensure that you are highly professional and discreet in your work.

What is public service interpreting?  

Public service interpreting (called “community interpreting” in some countries) is an umbrella term that covers interpreting in public service settings, such as healthcare (hospitals, doctors’ appointments), law enforcement (police and court), immigration (refugee centres), housing, welfare, and so on.

Programme structure

During this value-packed training programme on Public Service / Community Interpreting, you will learn about the fundamental rules, principles and skills required to carry out public service interpreting work to your best ability. You will also learn how to prepare for your interpreting assignments, what to expect from them, and how to develop your interpreting business. 

  • Module 1 – Public service interpreting and core interpreting skills
  • Module 2 – Public service interpreting settings, specific challenges and terminology
  • Module 3 – Developing your public service interpreting skills and business

You can see the full description of the topics included in the programme in the “Course Content” below. Each module includes video presentations, exercises, self-testing materials, and additional resources for self-study.

 Completion requirements:

Practice tests after each module, plus the final test at the end of the programme


Upon the successful completion of the training programme and the tests included into it you will receive a CPD certificate in Public Service (Community) Interpreting Training Programme.

Programme outcomes for you: upon completion of the Public Service Interpreting programme, you will learn and understand:

  • the main principles of public service / community interpreting, relevant practices and the code of ethics 
  • how to prepare for an interpreting assignment and how to complete it successfully
  • core interpreting skills and using them in practice
  • challenges specific to various public service interpreting settings and will learn to address them
  • how to learn relevant terminology and develop your vocabulary  

Student’s Feedback:

“I wish to thank you for this wonderful course. I just completed it, and although I already had experience as an interpreter and have been working in the field of Public Service interpreting, your course was extremely helpful and inspiring! It also taught me many details I was unaware of, and gave me many new ideas.

Finally, it reminded me of why I love this profession so much. I really appreciated all your advice and the care that transpires in your course.

THANK YOU! I will definitely take some more courses from your website and recommend them to fellow interpreters.”