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To run a successful interpreting business, you need to be good at retaining your clients. Finding new clients takes time and money; being able to get work from the same clients again and again is the key to efficient operation.

Your clients will be more likely to call you again if they see the quality and value of your interpreting services as high. What can you do to ensure that this is the case? Despite what you might think, quite a lot, actually. There are certain steps you can take and certain practices you can adopt to improve the perception of your work by your clients.

And, in doing so, you are helping not only yourself but also your clients. When they feel confident in you and your services, they do not need to waste time and money to find an alternative.

During this webinar, you will learn how to ensure that your clients see the high quality and value of your services by following specific rules when you:

  • present and market yourself and your business
  • negotiate prices and conditions and accept or decline offers
  • carry out the assignment
  • react to emergencies and unexpected developments
  • deal with any misunderstandings or complaints
  • communicate and maintain a working relationship with the client

When the client understands the value of your services, and you feel valued and respected, it’s a perfect win/win situation, which helps both parties to do things better.