Note-Taking Techniques for Interpreters – Online Masterclass

Improve your consecutive interpreting skills, boost your memory and reduce stress with these effective note-taking techniques

Who is this Masterclass for?

This masterclass is for beginner interpreters and also interpreters with an intermediate level of experience, who want to further develop their interpreting skills and make interpreting better, easier and less stressful.

Why do you need to attend this Masterclass?

To minimise memory lapses during consecutive interpreting assignments, interpreters need to know and use specific note-taking techniques. Note-taking techniques help interpreters use symbols, words and patterns to trigger memory and recall information effectively and comprehensively

It is very important to make sure that your note-taking during a consecutive assignment is, indeed, helpful. When misused, note-taking can become a hindrance, and pile up additional pressure on the interpreter.

What will be covered?

To help you use note-taking in the most beneficial way, we will cover the following topics during this training:

  • when to use note-taking and when not
  • the main principles of note-taking
  • how to structure your notes
  • note-taking for ideas and logic of the narrative
  • rules for creating and using abbreviations
  • using standard symbols and creating your own
  • how to read your notes

This event will be a hands-on interactive workshop, during which you will have a chance to try out and practice various note-taking techniques.

How will you benefit from this Webinar?

  • you will improve your interpreting skills
  • you will find interpreting more fluent and enjoyable
  • you will practice efficient note-taking
  • you will have a chance to assess, review and perfect your current approach to note-taking


You will receive a CPD certificate upon completion of the masterclass.

On-demand version

The contents of this webinar, including the presentation and all exercises, are now available within the on-demand online course that you can complete in your own time. This online course also includes the contents of the “How to use Memory Triggers in interpreting” masterclass. To get your lifetime access to the on-demand training course please use this link.

Thank you!

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“I would like to thank Svetlana for a useful and well-presented webinar” Romana Sovickova

“Very useful and well presented introduction to note taking for interpreters” Webinar attendee

“The webinar was useful, engaging and very interactive. I am looking forward to attdending another event” Ala Matasaru