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Interpreting for the IPO and/or IPAT

About this course

This course is designed for Translit’s interpreters who are working or preparing to work with the International Protection Office and/or the International Protection Appeals Tribunal in Dublin, as well as in other immigration settings. The course covers the main professional principles of interpreting and will focus on aspects specifically related to working in the IPO and IPAT.  

Interpreting in Immigration Settings

Interpreters play a crucial role in the international protection process. They help non-English speakers to present their claims accurately, and facilitate immigration officials in effective decision-making. However, interpreting in immigration settings is never easy and can present a lot of challenges to the interpreter, for example:

  • linguistic difficulties related to specific dialects;
  • significant cultural differences that impede straightforward interpreting;
  • working with traumatised and vulnerable people in emotionally-charged situations;
  • the need to adhere to the strict official protocol.

Not knowing how to deal with these challenges brings the quality of interpreting down, and can leave the interpreter feeling stressed and overwhelmed. This course will give you detailed information on how to deal with these challenges and maintain a high professional quality of interpreting.

What is included

The course will cover the following aspects to give you the best possible understanding of the performance expected of you:

  • Interpreter’s role in the International Protection processes;
  • Professional principles and core skills of interpreting;
  • How to prepare for and conduct an interpreting assignment;
  • Dealing with emotionally challenging and uncomfortable situations and looking after your well-being.

Assessment and Certification

You will be requested to complete a short test after each lesson within the course, as well as the assessment at the end of the course. Once this is done successfully, you will receive Translit’s Certificate.