Module 2: Community interpreting settings, specific challenges and terminology


You will find the handout for this Module 2 under the tab “Materials” above.

Your homework is set out as Quizzes below.

In this module, you will learn about different situations you may face as a community interpreter, the challenges of such situations and how to deal with them. We will also work with specific terminology and vocabulary.

(1) Interpreting in healthcare settings, including

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ appointments

(2) Interpreting in law-enforcement, including

  • At the scene
  • Police (garda) station
  • Prison
  • Court

(3) Interpreting in immigration settings

(4) Interpreting in social / welfare / education settings, including

  • Social interview
  • Assignments that include children

(5) Finding and learning specialised vocabulary

Your handout for Module 2 is HERE